About IS Digital Marketing


IS Digital Marketing offers services that have one goal in mind and that goal is simple – deliver more sales for your business.


We are not interested in generating thousands of new visitors for you, or making sure that any old person likes your Facebook page – we want to make sure that those visitors we do help you to attract are going to result in sales, which is where we specialise in not only helping you to attract those visitors, but also improving the conversion rates when they land on your website.


We believe that traffic is vanity – sales are the core measure of how good a campaign is, which is why yes, we can help you to get more traffic to your site, but our main concern is to help you generate more sales, vitally important when it comes to your success.


We are a small team and never hide this, but what we can do for you is based on experience and knowledge, having worked in the industry for many years, adapting, thriving and improving to make sure that we do not end up stale and still, but fresh and innovative.


When you work with us, you know who you are working with, rather than being pushed from one account manager to another and as we are small and successful team, we can afford to choose to only work with firms that want to get success and work with us.