Are You Making Use Of Google My Business Insights?

Are You Making Use Of Google My Business Insights?

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Tucked away in the admin section of your Google My Business page is a wealth of knowledge and information that so many businesses are failing to utilise, and whether that is due to not knowing it is there, or simply not really worrying about it, the information it can provide can offer a really interesting insight into your local SEO and online marketing performance.

There really is so much information that can be found within the insights section, which if you spend some time reading through and understanding, can be a very powerful window into how well your local SEO is actually performing, through your Google My Business profile.

Let’s check out the highlights you need to be looking at.

Overall Insight View


This little overview shows you how many people have found your GMB listing through searching for your business or the type of service you offer, how many views your map listing received and how many actions came from it. These actions could be phone calls, directions or clicks through to your website, but as an overview it can be a quick way to gauge performance and also by comparing it to the month before.

How Customers Search For Your Business


It is important to know how many people search for your business directly (via business name, phone or address) and how many people find you searching for the service you offer. This is of course important to see how good your branding is and how good your online marketing efforts are to make sure you appear when people search for the service you offer. This section splits down how many people find your GMB listing via your company information (details) or how many find it by searching for the service, products or aspects you offer (discovery).

Where Customers View Your Business On Google


If you want to know how many people find you through normal search and how many find you through Google maps, then this is the section you need, as it splits how many people search and then see the GMB listings and how many people head directly into map search and find your business this way.

Customer Actions


It is always useful to know how customers use your GMB listing, and this section breaks down their actions into three categories, which are visit your website, request directions or call you. Although these are pretty self-explanatory, it really is powerful for a business to know just how many people call directly without every visiting your website or simply turn up at your door, maybe never having known of you before.

Phone Calls


This handy little section show you how many calls your business has received directly from the Google My Business listing and on what day they come through, which not only shows you the most popular days in terms of incoming enquiries and phone calls, but also shows you just how much direct contact your GMB listing is actually receiving. It can also help you to think about your other advertising methods, as you should be increasing your efforts on the most popular days, and this goes across the board in terms of advertising.

Customer Reviews


Your Google My Business profile also allows you to manage and respond to your reviews, should you wish to. As we know, getting reviews can really make your GMB listing stand out from the rest, as once you hit the magic number (we believe to be 7 or 8) you will get the little orange stars by your listing, and this, as we say, can really make your listing stand out ahead of your competitors. Although you don’t have to, responding to reviews can make your business seem more human and engaging, so it can be worth reading through and positively responding where you can.

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