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IanSmallAbout The Author


Hello, my name is Ian and I am the one that has spent more hours producing this guide than I probably should have.


I have worked in the world of Online Marketing for many, many years, working with hundreds of clients to get more success from their website.


This guide is an overview into the 10 things that you can do to get more sales, based on the methods that I use and the customers I work with.


About The Guide10-marketing-tips


Want to know how to increase your online business sales? Need to get more traffic? Looking to get more from your website?


This guide is slightly different to most you will find regarding online marketing or boosting your sales, as we have not only given you 10 methods that we know can work for you, but we have also added a very useful article that will give you the reasons and the knowledge as to why you should be using these methods.


In the world of Online Marketing, it can be really tough to know where to start, which is why we have produced this guide.


One of the issues my clients come up against is how to get to grips with what’s important and relevant right now in digital marketing? It can seem like an endless task trying to keep up, which is why I’ve simplified the most important bits in this easy to read guide.


This guide includes 10 amazing (I promise) articles:


  • Website – Key Optimisation Aspects When Launching A New Site
  • SEO – The Fundamental Things You Have To Get Right With Your SEO Campaign
  • Content Marketing – 7 Reasons Why You Need To Be Blogging
  • Social Media – 11 Ways To Fail When It Comes To Social Media For Your Business
  • Google My Business – How To Get Success From Your Listing
  • Pay Per Click – 9 Reasons Why You Should Be Running A Pay Per Click Campaign
  • Social Media Paid Advertising – Three Social Media Paid Advertising Platforms You Do Not Want To Miss
  • Video Marketing – Video Marketing And How Your Business Can Use It Effectively
  • Email Marketing – Quick Win Ways To Build Your Email Mailing List
  • Remarketing – Remarketing Tips You Really Need To Know


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