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IanSmallAbout The Author


Hello, my name is Ian and I am the one that has spent more hours producing this guide than I probably should have.


I have worked in the world of Online Marketing for many, many years, working with hundreds of clients to get more success from their website.


This guide is an overview into the 10 onsite SEO tactics that will push your site up the rankings, with success possible if you follow the advice within this guide.


About The Guide


Getting your SEO campaign working begins at home, with your website the largest part of any sustainable success, so if you do not get things right on your website, your whole campaign is most likely to fail, and fail dramatically.


This guide includes 10 amazing (I promise) MUST KNOW tips:


  • How Hosting Impacts SEO
  • Whats The BEST Platform To Make Your Website
  • How To Choose A Killer Domain Name
  • Why Your URL Structure Must Be Right
  • How To Write A Winning Title Tag
  • H1 Tags – Crucial For SEO
  • How To Use Images For SEO Purposes
  • Why Content Will Make Or Break Your SEO
  • Social Media And SEO Connections
  • FREE Useful Tools


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