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Hello, my name is Ian and I am the one that has spent more hours producing this guide than I probably should have.


I have worked in the world of Online Marketing for many, many years, working with hundreds of clients to get more success from their website.


This guide is a complete overview for Google AdWords, showing you what to do to make your campaign a success, from the early campaign set up steps, through to understanding key results.


Want to know how to increase your success with Google AdWords? Need to get more sales and conversions? Looking to get more from your campaign?


This guide is slightly different to most you will find regarding Google AdWordss, as we take a deeper look into how to not only make a winning campaign, but also how to optimise your campaign to improve results and keep your spend generating a decent ROI.

In the world of Google AdWords, it can be really tough to know where to start and then how to really get great results, which is why we have produced this guide.


One of the issues my clients come up against is how to get to grips with what’s important and relevant right now in Google AdWords? It can seem like an endless task trying to keep up, which is why I’ve simplified the most important bits in this easy to read guide.


This guide includes some pretty amazing advice, including:


  • AdWords Campaigns – The Different Types Of AdWords Campaigns Explained
  • Understanding Your Goals – Knowing Where Your Results Are Coming From
  • Planning Your Campaigns – How Structure Your Campaigns Effectively
  • Setting Up Your Account – Setting Up Your Account, Key Settings And Implementation
  • Understanding Keywords – How To Choose And Structure Your Search Keywords
  • Creating Your Adverts – How To Create Amazing, Relevant And Ads That Convert
  • Ad Extensions – Using Advert Extensions To Make Your Campaign Successful
  • Making A Winning Landing Page – How To Design And Produce A Landing Page That Converts
  • Understanding The Results – Using Data To Understand Your Campaign Performance
  • Key Reports – Using AdWords Reports To Understand Performance
  • Optimising Your Account – How To Optimise Your Account To Improve Results


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