Extended Text Adverts On Google AdWords – What You Need To Know

Extended Text Adverts On Google AdWords – What You Need To Know

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As changes go, the recent extended text adverts on Google AdWords is one of the biggest that the PPC platform has seen over the years, as although new features come along, old features get removed, these new adverts are going to change how your campaign looks to the end user, which is obviously pretty important!

The new extended text adverts will be enforced in early 2017, which means that you still have time if you want to upgrade your old ones, or get used to the new system if you are planning a new campaign, but either way, this is the way forward and you will have no choice when starting a campaign but to use them. And as changes go, it seems to be mostly positive and with no real downside, with the new adverts, as we come onto later, a decent multi-platform enhancement for AdWords advertising.

What Are The New Expanded Text Adverts?

Designed to work more efficiently and maximise your advertising on mobile search results, these new adverts are around 2 times bigger than the current format, offering a much bigger headline and a much longer description.

As you can see from the below screenshots, these new adverts really do look different when compared to how we see things now and previously:

Old / Existing Advert:




New / Future Advert (Expanded):






As you can see, bigger, bolder and more of a headline, which after all, is generally what the customer wants to see, rather than spending time reading the description, but even this stands out more now. Even though this is for the mobile results, you can pretty much guarantee cross platform rollout, so the time has come to change and all advertisers should really be considering re-doing and improving their adverts to fit the new criteria.

The new format is pretty simple:

Headline 1 = 30 Characters

Headline 2 = 30 Characters

Description = 80 Characters

So, you have a bit more room to play around with to make your adverts more appealing and more related to each of your specific campaigns. And by our maths, that really is some extra space when it comes to the amount of characters you now have to use to make your adverts across your campaigns and Ad Groups.

When you start to create your adverts, this is what you will see:









The final URL is your destination page, the headlines and description is where you write your appealing creative text and the path is basically the display URL as we know it now. So, the new system is pretty easy on the eye, is easy to work with and should allow all advertisers a bit more room to really get their message across.

What Does This Mean For Advertisers?

Well, apart from the initial need to change your previous adverts and the need to get adjusted to the new way of writing adverts, there are many benefits to these changes.

They tend to lead to a much better CTR due to the space they now take up, as if people see more of an advert and as an advertiser you have more room to write compelling copy, the chances of people clicking on your advert increase, which might be stating the obvious but is important to mention.

It also means your adverts will perform much better cross platform, rather than having to think about how your adverts look on Desktop and Smart Phone, as they will simply look good on both, but with mobile leading the way in terms of search usage it makes total sense that these adverts are aimed at mobile devices initially.

All advertisers have until January 31st 2017 to make the change.


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