How To Get The Most From Your Twitter Social Media

How To Get The Most From Your Twitter Social Media

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Twitter used to be one of the key platforms when it came to social media, but over the past few years it is fair to say that it has seen a decline in usage and has also suffered well mentioned financial problems as a company.

But, there is no doubt that if your business spends the time and makes the effort when it comes to Twitter, you can get success out of it, and whilst it might not have the same numbers as other social media giants, there are still millions of businesses, both local and international that use it, so from a B2B point of view the platform should be part of your marketing campaign. Even from a B2C point of view, it is still important, with customers now taking to Twitter to engage and relate to businesses they like (or don’t) and therefore if you are using Twitter, you stand a good chance of gaining some decent brand traction.

Many businesses suffer from a lack of time, and will often focus on the social media aspects that work for them, and generally Twitter needs a lot of work and effort to get results, but if you do spend the time and make the effort, the rest really will follow.

Here are our top tips when it comes to getting the best from Twitter.

Have A Great Profile

The need for a great profile is vital when it comes to Twitter, as if people see your tweet and think it’s interesting, they may either click through on the tweet to your website or look at your profile, so do not always just assume they only view your tweets. It is important that your profile gives information about you, has a nice header, has your company description and a link to your website, as if this is all looking good then there is more chance users will follow you and start engaging with you, which helps for exposure but can also lead to some direct business.

The image below shows statistics from a recent tweet.








As you can see, three people took the time to look at the company profile and whilst the numbers will always be less than the direct engagement with your Tweets, these three people could have been potential customers, and if the profile was weak, poor or incomplete, you could lose them. Multiply this across all of your tweets and you will soon see just why it is so important that your profile really does reflect your company and brand correctly and professionally.

Relevant And Engaging Tweets

Your tweets need to be worthy of people taking the time to read them, engage with them, retweet them and do something with them, as people need a good reason to give you the time of day when it comes to Twitter, mainly because they have thousands of other tweets filling up their feed as well. Yours need to stand out, catch the eye, be interesting and above all, be worthy of being on your Twitter profile, as if you are tweeting rubbish, then this is the kind of audience you will attract, if any audience at all. Think about your tweets and try to keep them business focused, as having too much of an opinion on a company profile really can do more harm than good.

Photos And Images

Making Twitter work often comes down to variation and finding what works for your followers, and photos, images and videos are often some of the most engaged with tweets, which means if you are only ever releasing text based tweets it is time to mix it up. Over the next month or so, introduce some different tweets and updates and then look at the statistics and analytics to see what works well for your audience, but no matter what you find, having a mix of updates really is important to make your social media work for your business.

Hashtags In Your Tweets

Hashtags (#) are basically how people will search for something and then hopefully find your tweets on Twitter, so with every tweet, try to make sure you have hashtags that are relevant to the tweet subject and allow people to find you if they are looking for something you offer. Don’t overload your tweet with tons of hashtags though, as this looks and is spammy, try to limit it to around three and do not just try to squeeze them in simply to get more engagement, as people really do not like this. We always try to get our hashtags into the content of the tweet as you can see from the image below, as not only does this look better, it also tends to work better from the information and reaction we see.





Consistency And Frequency

One tweet here, two tweets there, miss a few weeks, then flood your updates – this looks as bad as it sounds, so do not do it. Try to make sure you have a few tweets going out every week, retweet interesting things and generally keep your profile looking active, as massive gaps or tons of updates in one go does nothing for your company or for your audience. Also, try tweeting at different times of the day, as this helps to make sure your tweets get seen be more people, as very few people just sit on Twitter all day looking at every tweet. Spread your tweets, plan your tweets and monitor what works, as you can then plan for the future to become an ace at Twitter for your company.

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