No Conversions, No Success?

No Conversions, No Success?

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Marketing campaigns are often placed into a successful or not successful category, depending on how much money they generated directly in terms of sales or enquiries, but if your marketing campaign did not really bring home the smell of sweet success that you expected, should you be calling it a failure?

Years ago, you placed an advert in a newspaper and were often told you needed to be in the same position for months before it would get traction. Likewise, TV advertising, you need to be patient and have an extended run before you get results. And of course, radio, the same advert, many times a day, but again, you would be told that it might take a few months before the customers were knocking at your door to take your products or services.

And yet, when it comes to online marketing if it doesn’t get a conversion in the first day you will often be told it doesn’t work, hasn’t worked and will never work. Your AdWords campaign only gets one conversion a day, you were expecting hundreds, or your Facebook campaign only got 3 enquiries yet you had 50 clicks. The story is often the same when it comes to online marketing, as just because the effects are instant, it can be far too easy to assume that the results will also be.

Online marketing takes time to work, like all other types of advertising, it can still take up to 8 associations with your business before that customer does something with you, especially with high ticket services or products, or, business to business decisions that involve a lot of trust, consideration and research before you receive the call to take things further. Whilst the whole basis of marketing is of course results, as without them there would be little point, if your campaign didn’t deliver the floods of enquiries you were expecting, don’t just label it a failure, in fact, it could be anything but.

Online Marketing Takes Time

Whilst online marketing is a bit like turning on a tap in most cases, especially through most of the key pay per click platforms, it can still take some time before the campaign really gets traction and starts to work and deliver results. Some campaigns just work from day one, some take a bit more time, but either way you need to be patient and give things a chance to work, and also, the budget to make them work as well.

Brand Awareness

Never underestimate the power of brand awareness that could be driven by your campaign. For example, if you ran a Facebook paid campaign that maybe did not deliver tons of direct conversions, but was seen by thousands of people in the local area, how much would you have paid for this same level of exposure in a local newspaper for example? Results, whilst crucial, may not always be direct, but brand awareness and continuing to increase it is never, ever wasted money, which is why the major brands in the world spend millions on doing it.

The Remarketing Channel

If everyone purchased the first time they landed on your website, then you wouldn’t be reading this, which is why remarketing is so popular and arguably the largest growing online marketing tactic over the past five years. It can, as we mention, take many, many associations with your business before they become a real customer, which is why your initial campaign might not have delivered lots of direct conversions, but these people can now go into your remarketing channels and campaigns, giving you an ever-growing audience of potential customers.

Tweak, Tweak And Tweak Some More

The worst campaign, or the campaign you should deem a failure is the one you give up on, with never giving it a chance by optimising, tweaking or to trying another aspect to get it working. Take the data from the campaign that you felt was not great and learn from it. Then, taking these lessons, make a better campaign, and keep doing this until you hit the perfect sweet spot. Remember, years ago you could have tried 20 local newspapers and events before you found 3 or 4 that worked for you, as getting your message and audience right is exactly the same when we transfer our marketing efforts into the online world.

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