Still Not Writing Content? Reasons Why It Is Time To Stop The Excuses And Start Blogging!

Still Not Writing Content? Reasons Why It Is Time To Stop The Excuses And Start Blogging!

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We have covered content quite a few times over the years on this blog. How to write it, why you should write it, what to write about, but when it comes to actually doing it, many businesses are still failing to produce quality blogs, consistently and frequently for their own website.

And whilst a very small few will be honest and say it really is just that they cannot be bothered, many just lack the time or do not see the value in writing content when there are other things to do. For example, writing a blog or going to a sales meeting might seem an obvious decision to make, as the sales meeting might lead to more income immediately, but writing content, in the long run, will lead to a lot more sales, but because you cannot see this, the here and now often wins.

And this is why so many businesses just don’t blog and write articles, as on the list of 10 things to do today it’s not a priority and it slips, and slips and then it never happens.

If this sounds about right, let us try and convince you that content IS important and here are a few reasons WHY you should invest time and effort to write it.

Builds Your Authority

If you are selling luxury watches and you produce a load of content around luxury watches, how to care for them, how to find them, how to choose the right one and basically express your knowledge of luxury watches through your content, then you are building an authority in what you are doing, not only to customers but also to Google and the other search engines as well. You have to bear in mind that not only will your customers see that you know all there is to know and are therefore the company to choose, but it allows the search engines to start to rank you accordingly based on the content that you are producing, as if your content is centred around your business, then this allows the engines to know what you should be ranking for, so it really is a win win when it comes to letting people know that your company is the only company to turn to.

Informs Your Customers

You may think that your customers will never read your blog and articles, but I can promise you that you will be very, very surprised, as people do read and people do associate quality content with a quality company. If a potential customer stumbles onto your website via a blog that is of interest and they really enjoy it, then they may reach out there and then and make contact or they may simply just remember you for when they need what you have to offer. Put simply, content allows you to not only inform your customers, but to impress them as well, as if you show engagement you show a desire to be a good company, and this is crucial in the modern era of competitive business.

Helps Your Rankings

Probably the biggest reason we all invest in writing amazing content, as quite simply, it is one of the best ways to earn long term and decent rankings in search engines like Google and Bing, as both of these search giants simply love content, and why wouldn’t they? They love fresh content and it gives them a reason to keep visiting your site and the content you write influences your rankings in terms of allowing them to understand what your company does and what you should be ranking for. Regular content really is so, so important if you want SEO success, which means that if you’re not blogging and writing articles, there is no better time to start than now.

Makes Your Company Look Active

A website that has not been updated for a few years just looks awful, as customers want active businesses and a lack of updates can really make potential customers feel that the company is no longer in business or simply cannot be bothered to work on their own website. Potential customers are far more switched on these days and know a lot more about the product or service that they require before they even start contacting potential suppliers, so with well written, quality and engaging content, you can get the right impression across from the moment they stumble onto your website and start reading through what you have produced.

Offers Lots Of Online Marketing Potential

And if you are still not convinced about why the time is now, then one key time saving reason is that you can also use one blog for a wealth of online marketing opportunities. You can use it across your social media, you can use it on your email marketing, you can use it to produce downloadable guides and you can even use it to form some part of your paid marketing as well. So, one blog can help you fill a lot of other areas that you might also be struggling with. Imagine that four blogs a month mean four social media updates, offers you enough content to fill a monthly newsletter and after a while you can bunch a few related blogs up and produce a downloadable guide, capturing emails and data, what more could you want!

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