The Link Building Mistakes That Will Catch You In The End

The Link Building Mistakes That Will Catch You In The End

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Links are still a fundamental part of SEO and improving rankings in the search engines and even though more emphasis than ever has been placed on how good and optimised your website is, link building is simply something that cannot be overlooked if you want long term success. But, with more and more techniques now dying a death, it is important that you avoid the biggest link building mistakes that over time, could really kill your websites rankings.

I am not one for doom and gloom and generally I try to avoid writing articles that are intended to strike fear into the lives of anyone running a website, but with link building, if you avoid the really bad practices or outdated methods then generally, you are going to be on a sound footing going forward, and hopefully never get hit by a Penguin update. Although you can never say never, by making sure your website is fully optimised and packed full of quality content, you can at least balance the risk as you move forward.

When it comes to link building, there are some aspects and areas you really should be avoiding, so let’s take a look at them below.

Building Too Fast

As we mention in the next point, building links really quickly is just going to get you into a heap of trouble, so never just go crazy at the start and focus all of your efforts for a month, get some rankings and then stop, as you are going to get hit at some point. Overbuilding links is often one of the biggest flags when it comes to getting a penalty, so you need to take things slowly and like we mention below, be consistent and spread your link building out over the course of your websites life. A few high quality links consistently per month or week is so much better than a massive surge in your activity and then nothing, so do not build all of your links in one go and very much see link building as a long term activity, not a short term task that you can “tick off” when done.

Inconsistent Link Building

This is possibly one of the unknown areas for many, but there is some firm evidence that if you try to build links in short, sharp phases and leave massive gaps, this can start waving red flags and signal you out for trouble. Link building should be an ongoing, consistent process, which means it is better to build a couple of high quality links a week or even a month, than just go hell for leather over the course of a few days and build loads. Try to make sure that your link building is consistent and ongoing and avoid overbuilding links and then building none at all for ages, as the most level and consistent you are, the less chances there are of any issues arising from your building campaign.

Over Optimisation Of Anchor Text

Every business normally has one or two keywords they desperately want to rank in Google for, but sadly, this often means that this is all they build links for and this is where the Penguin penalty will really smack you down. Your link profile needs to be spread out and natural and not contain many “keyword rich” anchor text words, because to the search engines this really looks unnatural. Try to make sure you use your domain name, web address, click here, more info and a couple of keywords, and avoid making your anchor text all keyword related, because a natural looking link profile relies on a good mixture of anchor text to make things really safe.

Unrelated Websites

If you are a self-storage company and you have links from websites that are in and around your niche, like removal firms, property firms, local directories for example, then this looks natural, but if you have a load of links from gardening forums, travel websites and websites selling watches then this looks totally unnatural and will cause you problems. Try to make sure that where you build your links is going to be relevant to what you are offering, which means look for others in your industry and approach them with content or ask for recommendations for your services to get the links back. Relevant is good, safe and the way forward, which means link building is not a scatter gun approach, it is a relevant and targeted approach if your want to get success from it.

Low Quality Directories

As we have seen with the last Penguin update, websites that have had a load of links built from low quality, unrelated and spammy directories have really taken a spanking, so avoid mass building links on these types of directories. High quality, trusted or related directories are still perfectly fine, but the ones that are just a mixture of rubbish and automated links really must be avoided, especially if they seem to take up most of your profile, because not only are these links not going to do you an favours, they are very likely to do you some real damage, which is why any directory you choose to go into must have some research put into it first.

All To One Page

Avoid building your links to just one page, as this not only looks unnatural but it means you are not getting any link juice to your inner pages, which potentially have more chance of converting visitors than your home page does. If you offer many services on your site then try to build your links that are as close to that service as possible, but even if you just offer one service, try to make sure your link building is spread over most of your core pages rather than just the home page. Not only does this help to minimise risk, but the more pages you have ranking in the search engines then the more chances you are going to get of landing the type of visitors you really want.

To Conclude ….

The words natural, related, consistent and safe appear a lot in this article, because these are the core elements that will really help to keep you and your link profile on a safe setting. Try to make sure you follow all the guidelines that Google offers when it comes to what is “ok” to do, but also try to make sure you avoid raising any questions by making the link building mistakes that one day, could really finish your website when it comes to rankings and of course natural traffic.

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  • Rubel
    Posted at 16:42h, 29 March Reply


    I do agree with some of the points you are making here..

    I also think this is a great thing to talk about, considering that know what to do is only half of the battle; you also need to know what to avoid when link building.

    However, I also have to disagree on a few mistakes.

    Natural Anchor Text: It should look like the links were build by users, not for SEO sake. Don’t use the same anchor text in all your links; vary it by throwing in a useless word here and there and yes, do a few “click here” anchors as well.

    Links from Varied PR Pages: Don’t make it a point to get all your links for PR 5+ pages. As you can imagine, that kind of SEO link building looks unnatural.

    Also, your links Should Not Be Temporary. If you employ a link building company or use subscription software and pay a monthly fee for SEO link building services, then your links are only good for as long you are paying for them. As soon as you stop, your links will disappear.

    It’s been speculated that this can even be a factor of the Google Sandbox filter.

    My personal opinion: save your money. There are plenty of ways to get permanent links that are absolutely free – i.e. done by you.

    What do you think about my suggestions?

  • Brenda
    Posted at 11:20h, 10 June Reply

    Indeed a great post about link building mistakes.

    Link building is the most effective part of ranking any website to the higher pages in search engines like Google.

    Without having right backlinks, We cannot bring our site or post at higher position. Most people think that buying links is a link building mistake but I don’t think so that It is a mistake because there are so many internet marketers who are doing it the right way and also getting benefits from it without having any issue.

    Rather I must say that building too much backlinks in short span of time is a mistake because I have personally experienced it, Google sand boxed those sites who tries to build more links in short time.

    Either way, Thanks for sharing it with us. 😀

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