Social Media Advertising Services For Facebook, Twitter And LinkedIn


For many personal and business users, a Facebook or Twitter account is just something that is now a standard part of their lives, but many do not realise that this could also be one of the biggest advertising platforms available to them.


Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn offer a massive audience when it comes to marketing, and if you are not currently utilising these platforms then you are potentially missing out on substantial sales, which is something we can help you to put right.

Facebook – Facebook promoted posts are a fantastic way to get in front of the right kind of people and the most suitable target groups for your business. No matter what you sell or offer a service in, Facebook Adverts can attract the right kind of customer, if done correctly. We have managed many Facebook campaigns, delivering a massive increase in enquiries for the many clients we work with, which means that Facebook Advertising should be a part of your online marketing campaign and we can help you to achieve this.

Twitter – Paid Twitter promotion can not only drive extra enquiries and sales, but it can also really help with brand promotion and building your company profile, whether you just want more targeted followers or you need to increase your social media exposure, Twitter Ads can really deliver. With specific target groups and interest groups, your tweet, business card or sales advert can get in front of the right people, and with measured analytics and statistics, you can really measure success in real time!

LinkedIn – Often referred to as a more professional Facebook, LinkedIn has millions of businesses and employees using it on a daily basis, which means getting your company in front of them makes total sense, which is where LinkedIn adverts offer a powerful and targeted platform that once again, gets your adverts and paid promotions in front of the right people. With a range of target and profile options open to you, LinkedIn adverts give you a very sophisticated platform that can get in front of the right kind of people for your online marketing needs.



If you want to get your campaign off the ground, improve performance or want to discuss your online marketing options, take the next step and get in touch with us.