Why Keyword Research Is So Important For Your SEO Success

Why Keyword Research Is So Important For Your SEO Success

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When it comes to getting your website ranking high in Google and Bing, knowing the right keywords  that you want to be ranking for is vital, as being top of the search engines for something that no one searches for is pointless to say the least.

Too often, businesses, webmasters and site owners chase keywords that either have no relevance or search volume, and this, in both cases, is putting you onto a path that will have no returns at the end of it. Maybe this is through a lack of understanding about getting the right traffic, or not knowing how to make sure the volume is there and the relevance is spot on, but either way, if you get your keyword strategy wrong, you will never get the success you feel you deserve.

When it comes to SEO and keywords, businesses that are struggling will often fall into one of three categories, and these are:

Ranking For The Wrong Keywords

You sell blue cars, but you have ended up ranking for red cars, as you saw the searches were higher and therefore chased the glory and not the relevance. So, all these customers land on your site looking for their new red car, but only find blue cars, and unless they are happy to change their mind they then head off back to their Google search – disgruntled and annoyed. And this is why chasing keywords that are not relevant for your business is simply madness, as if you don’t sell the product or offer the service they need, it is a pointless effort on your part and frustrating for the customer.

Only rank for relevant keywords, things you sell, things you do and things you can get a conversion for when the visitor lands on your site.

Ranking For No Search Volume Keywords

Getting 100 top positions in Google is great, the green arrows of joy, the feeling of a number one position over your competitors, and yes, it’s a great feeling and achievement, but only if it delivers customers that are going to enhance your business. A bit like having a shop that was at the front of the shopping center and people had to walk through it to get to the other side, does this mean all of those thousands of people make it a success, no, as most just want to get to the coffee shop rather than spend time looking at your products.

The point of getting good rankings in Google and Bing and all the other search engines is to make sure that these rankings will deliver traffic, and good traffic at that, otherwise your rankings are for vanity and offer no real value for your business.

Not Ranking At All

And then we have the other situation where your site is just not ranking and you are not even getting irrelevant traffic, as if you’re not ranking in the search engines then potential customers are simply not going to find you. There are so many reasons why your site is not ranking, and this is not really the point of this blog, but not ranking for any search keywords that could deliver customers is obviously a major issue and something that you need to get rectified, but knowing the best keywords is still really important.

Choosing Your Keyword Strategy

The hardest part about working online is taking away from what you “think” your customers will search for and actually targeting how people are searching now, as when you think you know your business inside out then this can actually be quite a hard thing to comprehend.

The way people find products has changed so much, not only due to the Internet but just in general, which is why what people used to do years ago, may not be applicable in the online world today. And this is why it’s really important you take a step back and start to plan your keywords so that you are only going for:

  • Relevance
  • Volume
  • Conversion Probability

And then knowing the exact keywords to target is also crucial. Going to back to our blue cars story, there are so many variations on this search term:

  • New Blue Cars
  • Cheap Blue Cars
  • Second Hand Blue Cars
  • Blue Car Dealer
  • Blue Sports Cars

And the list could go on for the next six pages, but until you know how people search then you cannot plan your title tags, page names, url structure and content, as knowing what you want to and need to rank for is important, as you then target via Search Engine Optimisation Campaigns, both onsite and offsite. And therefore it’s so important to take some serious time and planning with your keyword research, as if you miss a search term that has good volume and low competition, you are missing a trick, but if you target something that no one ever searches for, you are simply just wasting your time, and this is something that from an SEO point of view, is just so disheartening you must avoid.

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